2019 State Legislative Agenda

The 32nd District Democrats advance this legislative agenda for 2019 and strongly encourage our legislators to sponsor or co-sponsor legislation, publicly speak in favor of these issues, and advance these issues in their respective caucuses.

Issues we strongly support:

  1. The repeal of sales taxes on non-prescription medication and hygiene products.
  2. Protection of our salmon, orcas, and tribal fishing rights by speeding up removal of physical state and local barriers to fish passage.
  3. The creation of a publicly-owned state bank.
  4. The protection of good jobs and voter-approved Sound Transit 3 projects by fully replacing (on a 1:1 basis) any revenue lost due to vehicle fee formula changes.
  5. Amending the State Constitution to lower the threshold for passage of school bonds to a simple majority.
  6. The creation of a single-payer health care system in Washington State.
  7. An aggressive state-led construction program of public, subsidized, low-income, and supportive housing to address the housing crisis as well as emergency provision of shelter and services for those currently experiencing houselessness.
  8. Repeal the state sales tax and replace it with a progressive, graduated income tax.
  9. Recognizing the urgent need to drastically reduce greenhouse gases in 12 years or less, and to rapidly implement Electric Vehicle, rail, and other alternative transportation programs.

Issues we strongly oppose:

  1. Preempting local zoning authority.
  2. Public funding of charter schools.
  3. Any restrictions on a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, including any regulation that would limit her practical ability to carry out those decisions.

The ordering within these lists do not indicate relative priority.