Resolution Help

WSDCC Resolution Rules

Resolutions should be in a format that can be easily edited. WSDCC uses MSWord, but Markdown works for version control.

MDX, an extension of Markdown, was required for integration with this website. See an example resolution in Markdown and the result.

  • title, concise
  • title_short for headers
  • 1-2 pages print preview. 250 words per page is the rule of thumb.
  • 2 to 5 “Whereas” statements
    • supported by documented references.
    • (Citations will not be included for passage by the full body but are recommended for context and background for the committee.)
  • 1 to 3 “Therefore” statements
  • “Whereas” and “Therefore” statements are related.
  • Written from the point of view of the WSDCC.
  • End:
    • organization
    • contact person
    • contact email
    • date submitted


Upper right of each page.

WSDCCRES – 522 – 550918 – SUB – ARTS – Commemorating Star Wars Day

  • organization
  • identifying number
  • date of last action (YYMMDD)
  • Last action
  • issue abbreviation
  • title, shortened

To ease formatting, use the component:

<WsdccHeader w={{
  action_date: '2020-01-01',
  number: 1,
  organization: 'WSDCC',
  title_short: 'Title',
  wsdcc_action: wsdcc_action.submitted,
  wsdcc_issue: wsdcc_issue.unknown,

Use a wsdcc_action, which is an unambiguous mapping for WSDCC actions.

  • unknown: ______
  • not_passed: NOPASS
  • passed: PASS
  • referred_to_originator: REFORG
  • submitted: SUB
  • tabled: TABLE

Issues and Abbreviations

Select a wsdcc_issue, which is an unambiguous mapping for WSDCC abbreviations.

  • unknown: Unknown (____)
  • agriculture: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fisheries, and Forestry (AGR)
  • arts: Culture and Arts (ARTS)
  • civil_rights: Human Rights and Civil Rights (CIV)
  • corporate: Corporate Power (CORP)
  • economic: Economic Justice, Jobs, and Tax Fairness (ECON)
  • education: Education (EDU)
  • environment: Energy, Environment, and the Climate Crisis (ENV)
  • foreign: Foreign Policy (FOR)
  • government: Government and Political Reform (GOV)
  • gun: Reducing Gun Violence (GUN)
  • health: Health Care (HEA)
  • housing: Housing Justice (HOU)
  • human: Human Services (HUM)
  • immigration: Immigration (IMM)
  • labor: Labor (LAB)
  • law: Law and the Justice System (LAW)
  • media: Media Reform (MED)
  • military: Military and Veterans Affairs (MIL)
  • party: Internal Party Business/Party Affairs (PAR)
  • transportation: Transportation (TRAN)
  • tribal: Tribal Relations and Sovereignty (TRIB)